Dear past Guests of A Nest on Mount Pleasant, and possibly prospective new guests.
After considerable thought, we have decided it is time to close down the Nest, which we will do from the 1st of May.
We hosted our very first guests on the 28th of November 2001 so 15 years and 5 months ago. In that time (be it Bed and Breakfast or Holiday Home guests) we have been VERY PRIVILEGED to host 3366 different guests for a total of 15107 bed nights. (Kai loves figures.) It has been an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT to meet so many FANTASTIC PEOPLE from all over the world, and we are so VERY VERY GRATEFUL that you choose to stay at the Nest, giving us a chance to meet you all.
The number of emails we received after the Christchurch earthquake asking us if we were OK was simply fantastic, and we will never never ever forget. We truly appreciate the lots and lots correspondence we have received from you over the years. Should anyone want to contact us for any reason, kindly use the following email address: ktandkt (at)

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